If the World Could Vote

Dear World,

We think it’s cute that you’ve been experimenting with democracy. To us Americans, it’s like watching our children get into Mommy’s makeup, or Daddy’s guns. Precious. But our global pollution, nuclear arsenal, and hegemonic control of your economies aren’t really any of your business, are they? If you would like to participate in our election, you’ll have to pass the regular admissions process for statehood just like Alaska and Iraq. Otherwise, rest assured that even if we had elected Barack Obama, we would have just assassinated him anyway, and had the Supreme Court turn the White House over to…I don’t know, Bristol Palin?  Does it matter anymore?


The United States of Hey, Can I Borrow Some Money?

Reader Comments (2)

America is doomed anyway. The economy has been slowing down for over 2 decades, and that is the reason for the current crisis. The American Media has just been covering it up with excuses. Going to argue then Americans? Fine by me, I will just sit back and enjoy the show.

P>S> I am still in shock to see a woman like Palin running for Vice-President. I actually would love to see McCain win and die, and then Palin fly over and speak to Putin or any other well respected president. It will be more entertaining than hearing the idiot Bush talk.

Anyway, goodluck America. Enjoy the coming years of recession, murder, unemployment, tax increases, pollution, corruption, etc, while you all sit back and 'enjoy the american way of life' hahaha


October 27, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterCoco was a very nice idea for a site and let us all vote in the US Elections. If you enjoyed seeing what people around the world though you may also find interesting.

November 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRich

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