The GOP's Sorry Stable
Sat., Feb. 5, 2011
Mxrk in Politics

Nate Silver posted this illustrated breakdown of the current crop of GOP aspirants. Personally, I hope Mitt Romney has the misfortune of running against Barack “Not a Mormon” Obama in 2012. Mitt’s the GOP’s John Kerry: not terribly objectionable, but certainly not electrifying.

Sarah Palin scares me. It’s not that I think she would win, but she hasn’t got the humility or restraint to lose with anything approaching dignity. Look at the damage she’s done already, the cult of moronic thugs she’s elevated to national importance, the anarcho-theist agenda she’s managed to legitimize, and that was just after having been some old mummy’s running mate.

With the kind of clout that comes with being the official nominee of a major political party, and the accumulated spite of two losing campaigns, how low do you think Sarah Palin could sink? What wouldn’t she say or do to knock a few holes in Obama on her way down? I don’t see a bottom to that particular well.

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